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  Fly Fishing or Light to Ultra Light Spin Fishing

  All Rates are for two people, each additional person $50

   Rates subject to change.

Striped Bass Fishing:  Leaving from Oyster River in Chatham gives Capt. RJ unlimited options. With the fast speed of "Reel Lucky",  Monomoy Island  is less than 10 minutes from the harbor entrance giving you maximum time reeling in the fish and not traveling to them.  Capt. Silvester only uses the finest in light tackle and fly rods to catch these fish. You will never find heavy lead core or wire rods on board this charter. Casting and retrieving is the method fished. Sight casting to large feeding fish on the surface is very common and keepers are usually caught.  Near record size fish are caught in these areas. Take your shot at one of these cows.

4 Hour: $600        6 Hour: $750        8 Hour: $875  *


 Bonito and Albie Fishing: These little torpedo's are strong. After fighting one of these little guys you'll need to rest as you appreciate their sheer beauty. Fast and deceptive is the best way to describe these  little tunies. We fish in and around Monomoy Island in the late summer and fall. Their aggressive feeders often clearing  the water as they chase the bait to the surface and then back down again. Drifting through the area and casting to the breaking fish is the most affective way we catch them.  We can also find some in the rips around Monomoy. Rest your arms and prepare for a day of fun and frustration when fishing for the Bonito and False Albacore.

4 Hour: $600        6 Hour: $750        8 Hour: $875  *


Blue fin  Tuna - Their is nothing like the thrill of hooking into one of these monsters on light tackle. These targeted tuna are 50-500 pounds. Caught on  spinning rods and stand up trolling gear.  Expect to fight these fish for 30-90 minutes. Although fishing for these schooling blue fin (on spinning gear and fly rods) may be the most difficult fishing on the Cape, their is nothing like the feeling of landing one. It is recommended that only advanced anglers target the blue fin. On windy days tuna charters will be changed to Bass charters.                                  

8 Hour: $1100  10 Hour: $1300 *


Shark Fishing:  Two to four hundred pound blue, mako, and thresher sharks are caught regularly. The majority of the sharks are blues in the 200lb range. Their is something about these fish that make this a thrill. Watching them swim around the boat in the chum slick as they tear apart fish hanging from the side of the boat then going for your baits. These strong fish will test both the ability and endurance of the anglers. Sight casting to sharks in the chum slick is the method fished. On windy days shark charters will be changed to Bass charters.

8 Hour: $1100  10 Hour: $1300 *


* All Rates are for two people, each additional person $50

"Reel Lucky" Is a 26' Fully Equipped Sport Fishing Vessel


Experience offshore fly fishing and light tackle angling for striped bass, blue fish, bonito, tuna and large mako and blue sharks with Captain R.J. Silvester.

Enjoy the total experience of the Ocean -- common sightings of whales, dolphins, seals and sharks 


Captain Silvester is a US Coast Guard licensed Master Captain #768728

Endorsed Fly Fishing Captain


Coastline Sport Fishing Inc.

 Captain RJ Silvester 

35 Barn Hill Lane Chatham, MA 02633

(508) 945-4971


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